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 Year 1 Curriculum Newsletter – Autumn Term 1st half     Sept 17


 Year 1 Curriculum Newsletter – Spring term 1


                                                                 January 18

 Dear Parents,

 A happy new year to you all.  We hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and would like to say thank you for all the gifts and cards you gave us before Christmas.  It was very generous of you and they are always very much appreciated – especially the mug!



Vanessa Wright and Daisy Trodd, PGCE students from Greenwich University, will be working alongside me for the next 4 weeks.  Vanessa and Daisy have already spent some time in Year 1 before Christmas getting to know the children and will be playing a more active role in Year 1 over the coming weeks.


This half term, we will continue to learn how to write recounts, simple stories, letters and instructions.  There will be a big emphasis on making the writing more interesting by using adjectives and connectives.  In addition, we will be focusing on punctuation and handwriting.


We will be working on addition and subtraction and aim to know number bonds to 10/20 securely.   We are learning to read the following signs:   +   -   =  and to read numerals (in words) to 20.  We will also be learning the two times tables.


In Science, our topic is Materials.  The children will be learning how to classify different materials, how to recognise the different properties of materials and magnetism.


The children will learn about life in the past.  They will learn about daily life in Victorian times and how life in Britain has changed since then.


In art we will be focusing on drawing and completing the following key skills:

learning new ways of making lines and marks to describe different surfaces and textures, exploring ‘light’ and ‘dark’, making different tones and practising shading tones without leaving gaps. 


In PE we will doing gymnastics.  Please could you help your child to practice tying ties and buttoning shirts.  It is also important that your child is able to turn their clothes the right way after they have taken them off.  All clothes must be labelled with your child’s name to avoid mix-ups.  Thank you.


We will be learning about Baptism this half term.


  •  Spellings

These will continue to be given out every Friday and will be tested the following Thursday.

  •  Phonics

New ‘tricky’ high frequency words will be sent home at regular intervals and should be practised until your child is familiar with them.  Phonemes should be revised at regular intervals and segmenting (sounding out) and blending skills should be practised at every opportunity.

  •  Times tables

Please practice the times tables with you child at home until they know them perfectly in and out of order. 

  •  Homework sheets

There will also be homework set on Fridays that should be returned to school by Tuesday of each week.  Please provide pencil and coloured pencils for your child to use, and not felt tips, or pens.

  •  Reading

Your child will bring home books from one of our reading schemes every week.   Please try to read with your child as often as possible.  Where reading is hesitant, books should be reread until reading is fluent.  Please sign your child’s reading record when you read with him or her as it lets us to monitor the amount of reading your child is doing.

  •  Handwriting

Please encourage your child to hold a pencil correctly when writing (tripod grip).  This will help improve their handwriting in the long term.

 Forest School

This will continue to take place on Friday afternoons.  Please ensure that your child has a warm coat, scarf, hat and gloves to take to Forest School every session.

 If you have any concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to speak to me.

 Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.


Mrs Walsh, Mrs Pringle and Miss Aboo