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Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter- Spring Term - 2nd half.


 We hope that you all had a great half term. This half term is quite short, but we have a very busy term with lots of exciting activities planned. Set out below is some information on the topics we are covering this half term. Our theme is Old MacDonald’s Farm and is part of the creative curriculum. 


Our focus this half term is the author Dick King-Smith, with special reference to The Sheep Pig (also known as ‘Babe’). We will look at ‘animal’ characters and the language of stories. We will be learning about plants and animals and also writing about the farm, researching the types of food we get from a farm. We will also be working on Comprehension texts, encouraging the children to look at the text to support their answers. 

Spelling- We will be looking at contractions. Alternate sounds for "j", soft –c and the "n" sound spelt kn. We will continue to examine root words and how these words can alter when suffixes like –ing, -ed – ful and –ness are added e.g. happy-happiness. 

  • using present and past tense mostly correctly and consistently
  • using co-ordination (or / and / but) and some subordination (when / if / that / because).• demarcating most sentences with capital letters and full stops and with some use of

question marks and exclamation marks 

  • using sentences with different forms in theirwriting (statements, questions,exclamations and commands) 


Number – The pupil can partition two-digit numbers into different combinations of tens and ones. This may include using apparatus (e.g. 23 is the same as 2 tens and 3 ones which is the same as 1 ten and 13 ones). 

  • The pupil can add 2 two-digit numbers within 100 (e.g. 48 + 35) and can demonstrate

their method using concrete apparatus or pictorial representations. 

  • The pupil can use estimation to check that their answers to a calculation are reasonable

(E.g. knowing that 48 + 35 will be less than 100). 

  • The pupil can subtract mentally a two-digit number from another two-digit number

when there is no regrouping required (e.g. 74 − 33). 

Shape, Space and Measures 

  • We will be learning to read scales, in division’s of1, 2, 5 and 10 in a practical situation – i.e. measuring fluids for cooking.
  • • The children will learn to use division and work with remainders.


Class Targets 

  • Counting in 2s,5s and 10s
  • Knowledge of 2, 3, 5, 10 times tables 
  • Number bonds to 100.


Our topic this term is Plants and Animals We will be looking at the different parts of a plant, finding out what a plant needs to survive, and growing plants such as cress, sunflowers and runner beans.   


We will be using the internet to research animals and their life cycles. We will make a fact file using Book Creator. 



During this half of the term we will be looking at the Bible story of Joseph. We will be looking at how Joseph overcame many difficulties and used his dreams to help express Gods will. 


Our topic this term is learning about The Farm. We will visiting Woodlands farm on 03/03/18, learning about the animals and making Ricotta cheese and butter.  If you are available to help please speak to one of the Year 2 team. 


Mrs Bray will continue to teach the class the recorder. Please ensure that your child's book and recorder are brought to school on Thursdays ready for Friday's session.


This term we will be revising counting to 80, using songs, rhymes and games. We will also learn the names of objects in and around our classroom. We will be using the French programme Rigolo. 



 Gymnastics - Tuesday. On Thursday we will be working on Outdoor games For this half term the children will require t-shirts, shorts and outdoor P.E kit and plimsolls. Girls need socks if they wear tights to school. 


Children are expected to read on a daily basis and it is essential that parents write a comment in the Reading Record.  

Thank you for your continued support .

The Year 2 team