Christ Church C of E Primary School

Christ Church C of E Primary

Happy New Year and welcome back Year 3!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful Christmas. I would like to say we were all touched by your very generous gifts and are sending a huge thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts we received from the class. They were much appreciated and I wish you all the very best this year.

Here is an outline of what year 3 have in store this term:


This term, we shall begin by looking at the rules of speech and dialogue using brief scenes from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As always, there will be a real focus on writing across the school this term and we will be exploring different texts and using them as sources of influence and inspiration. Year 3 will explore the features of ‘portal stories’ where the main character enters another realm and goes through an ordeal where they change for the better upon returning to their original surroundings. We will continue to place emphasis upon the importance of planning, editing and re-drafting using resources such as dictionaries and thesaurus’ to improve our work as well as re-reading for better grammar. SpaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) will be taught in weekly sessions to develop the classes' writing and sentence composition skills.


We will continue to take part in guided reading comprehensions sessions as well as grammar, spelling and comprehension activities as a whole class. Children will still receive banded books to take home and will be encouraged to change their books at the end of the day. Please continue to listen to your child reading regularly at home as this is vital to their reading development and confidence.


Spellings will continue to be given weekly and will be tested on Fridays. Please ensure your child continues to use their spelling book to practice each week. If a child has got a spelling wrong in the test, the spelling may be given again the following week for them to practice and some high frequency words may be repeated to help the children embed these particular spellings.


This term we will be again having a strong focus on core operations; multiplication and division. We shall be starting with the use of arrays and the grid method for multiplication and moving onto using a number line for division. After covering these key operations, we shall be covering time and money. The children will also be challenged in problem solving activities to apply their mathematical understanding in real life situations and open ended tasks. For example, looking at timetables and checking receipts and change. We will continue to work on the quick recall of times tables in class and I encourage you to practice these with your child at home.

I will continue to set the children different activities on IXL for their homework. I expect all of the class to be accessing these activities regularly at home with an adult.


We will be learning about the miracles of Jesus this half term in RE. The children will learn about and share different Bible stories and will be given lots of opportunities to participate in discussion and verbal and written reflection about miracles and Jesus' teachings.

Our school value word for the half term is 'wisdom'. This will form a central focus to our collective worship as well as a starting point for discussion in class. We will be thinking about times we have shown or needed wisdom and using examples from our own lives and the Bible to deepen our understanding.


This term we are learning all about rocks and soils. We will be examining different materials and their uses and learning about rock formation and fossils. We will carry out scientific enquiries and experiments into types of rocks and soils. As part of this topic, we will be going on a trip to the Environmental Centre on Constitution Rise to take part in a day of activities related to rocks and soil formation.


This term we are learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age in Britain, where it all began! We will be looking at the development and use of tools and materials and early settlements such as Skara Brae. We will be imagining what everyday life was like in this very different time, using the clues left behind such as tools, the bones of prehistoric beasts, and places of importance and mystery such as Stone Henge. We will also be going on a day trip to Woodlands Farm for a day of Stone Age learning.

Art & Design

Linking to our topic in history and science, we will be looking at cave paintings and creating our own miniature cave paintings on stones.


PE lessons will continue to take place on Tuesdays, where we will be learning country dancing. After half term, year 3 will begin their swimming lessons every Thursday, more information will follow soon. Please ensure your child has their full winter PE kit in school every week. There is information on the school website about kit expectations for you to reference if needed. Please make sure that all of your child's PE kit and school uniform is clearly labelled, we will continue to encourage all children to put their PE kits away carefully to ensure no missing items.


As I previously mentioned, homework will be given on a Friday, with children being asked to access IXL online each week as well as a reading comprehension and spellings.

Thank you for your continued support and, as always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries and I greatly look forward to another wonderful term with Year 3.

Kindest regards,

Sonia Kaur