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Year 4

Year 4 – Autumn 

What are we getting up to this term?


Year four have had a great first week back at Christchurch. I have enjoyed getting to know everyone in the class and it sounded like all the children had enjoyable summer holidays. It has been lovely to hear about the children’s holidays and to see so many return to school in a positive mood. Everyone has made settled start to the year, which I’m sure will continue for the rest of the autumn term and for the rest of the year too.

So far we have started looking at a range of new topics across the curriculum as well as thinking, learning and sharing about the first value word of the year: friendship. All the children have worked hard so far and they have all made excellent contributions to decorate the classroom with lots of different creative work. I have been particularly impressed with the class’ crosses, which will be going up on display in the classroom soon.


In literacy this term we will be looking at the book ‘Varjak Paw’ by S.F Said. So far we have started reading the book in class and the children have been making predictions about the story; we have also been thinking about the themes which might run through the story. Throughout the term the class will be writing different pieces based on Varjak Paw. I’m really looking forward to the writing the children will produce. It has also been great to see the class begin with such enthusiasm and interest in our core text this term.

Spellings – Spellings will be sent out on the second week of term (Friday 15th September) and spelling tests will continue to take place on Thursday mornings.

Reading Comprehension – This year we will be sending out a reading comprehension task each week for homework (starting on 15th September). It is important that this is completed for the following week as it will impact on your child’s learning in class.


For maths this term we will begin the year by learning about number and place value. In the first half of the term we will be learning about comparing and ordering numbers and different number systems (including negative numbers and Roman numerals). After half term the children will begin looking at the four number operations, beginning with different strategies to solve addition and subtraction sums and problems. The class will be also be continuing to tackle a range of reasoning and problem solving activities based on the topics we will be learning throughout the year.

Maths gym and times tables – The class will continue to practise and apply their mental maths skills and times tables each morning throughout the term during their maths gym. The children will also be able to use their IXL accounts from last year and they will have weekly tasks to complete on here. There will also be a weekly times table test on Thursday mornings.


Our first topic this year will be the Romans. To begin with, the class will be looking at the rise of the Roman empire, their invasion and influence in Britain and the life and resistance of Boudicca. We will be focussing on this until half term. After half term year four will look at the lives of Roman people including things like: their culture, artwork, leisure activities and the gladiators.


Our science topic this term is based on sound. In the first half of the term we will look at different sources of sound and we will also be conducting experiments and investigations which help us think about where sound comes from and how it is affected by different situations. In the second half the class will be focussing on what sound is, how it travels and how we hear sound.


Later in the term we will be looking at Urban Decay. We will be thinking about different techniques, colours and shapes used in this art form. The class will also be looking at the work of Hepher and different pieces this artist has produced. Throughout the term the children will continue to develop their art skills and will practise these each week with the aim of building up to a final piece of art work, based on Urban Decay, towards the end of term.


In religious education we will begin the term by looking at Buddhism and what it means to be a Buddhist. We have started this topic by identifying and understanding the meaning of Buddhist symbols. We will move on to look at the teachings of Buddha and the practices of Buddhist people. In the second half of the term we are going to be focussing on Monastic traditions as well as Christmas through music and art.


Year four will continue to have their P.E lessons on Tuesday mornings in school this half term and will be doing gymnastics. In addition to this, the class will be going swimming every Thursday morning. This will continue until the second half of the Spring term. 


Homework this year will be slightly different to previous years.  Weekly times tables, spellings and IXL will continue as usual. Spellings and times tables tests will be on Thursdays and IXL tasks must be completed by the following Friday. There will also be a reading comprehension task set each week for your child to complete. This will be marked in class the following week so this must be completed on time.


The class have had an excellent beginning to the year. I’m very excited to be working with them all this year and I’m also looking forward to the learning which will take place this term and across the year.

Best Wishes,

Mr Waite







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