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Free school meals & other pupil benefits

Use this link to search for locations offering free school meals during the school holidays 

Royal Greenwich Holiday Meals

Free School Meals

All children in Reception and years 1 & 2 receive free school meals at present. This is known as Universal Free School Meals and is Government funded, you do not need to apply for this. 

However if you would be entitled to Income Based Free School Meals at the present time regardless of the year your child is in (even Reception and Years 1 & 2) you should have your eligibility confirmed because:

1. Your child will be eligible for a number of other benefits including food vouchers in the holidays at the moment and funded summer club places

2. The school will receive much needed additional funding to allow it to enhance and improve your child's education

What is more your child will remain eligible for pupil benefits until they finish the phase of schooling they are in on 31 March 2022.

It is quick and easy to check your eligibility or apply online using the link below. The parents & carers eligibility checker takes just a moment and if you email or print your eligibility we are very happy to help you from there. Please let the school know if you have applied directly to Royal Greenwich as we can make sure your application is processed.

Parents & carers Income Based Free School Meals eligibility checker

Government eligibility criteria and link to apply for free school meals

Apply for Income Based Free School Meals and other pupil benefits in Greenwich

Government holiday activities and food programme 2021

New Winter Package for children and families

Get help with technology for remote education during Covid-19

We recently applied for and received 11 new laptops from the Department for Educations scheme to make remote learning accessible to all and these were distributed at the start of the Spring term. We continue to look out for new opportunities to supplement the schools resources.